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The State Legislature passed the Kansas Credit Union Law. Roy Bergengren introduced the bill. Two credit unions were formed immediately.

The 73rd Congress passed Federal Credit Union Act so credit unions now have two chartering options. 36 credit unions exist with 6,928 members, $257,487 in assets.

Seventeen credit unions met in Topeka to form the Kansas Credit Union League (KCUL). The purpose of the League was to promote the welfare and interests of credit unions and assist in the organization of credit unions, to act on behalf of credit unions and carry on essential business functions for common benefit of all member credit unions. The dues for each member credit union was 1/2 of one percent of the credit unions’ assets.1939
96 credit unions exist with 16,636 members and $1,248,433 in assets.

First regional league in the country was formed - Kansas and Nebraska formed the Regional Credit Union Association. Neither state had enough credit unions to justify a full-time field person. Today, we have regionals between CA/NV, FL/AL, CO/WY/AZ, MA/RI/NH, MD/DC and ND/SD.

134 credit unions exist with 38,961 members and $7,627,366 in assets

Kansas Central Credit Union was formed - later to become Kansas Corporate Credit Union. It was the first corporate credit union in the United States.

286 credit unions exist with 128,756 members and $55,375,374 in assets.

The Kansas Legislature passed a bill to create the first independent state department in the country. Kansas remains one of three states with an independent union regulatory agency.

322 credit unions exist with 236,091 members and $175,706,219 in assets.

The LSC was formed to comply with the IRS. Kansas purchased the First Bank of Lancaster in September. KCUL was the first in the nation to offer share-draft processing. They sold the bank in 1983.

US Central was chartered on June 4. It was formed out of a special committee of the Congress of Central Credit Unions. US Central shared an office with KCUL for years before going to Madison, Wis., and Overland Park, Kan.

246 credit unions exist with 469,907 members and $639,057,183 in assets.

190 credit unions exist with 540,832 members and $1,544,041,452 in assets.

Kansas credit union law amended to require all state-chartered credit unions to have shares insured through federal share insurance program. More than 60 credit unions were required to convert from private share insurance coverage to the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund.

1995 – 1999
Expandachek provides item processing services to Missouri League for Missouri credit unions located in the 10th Federal Reserve District.

Kansas Credit Union Association (KCUA) and Kansas Corporate Credit Union (KCCU) become two independent e¬tities.

138 credit unions exist with 529,935 members and $2,185,716,670 in assets.

Shared Financial Solutions (SFS) replaces LSC. KCUA board is reduced to 10 members and SFS has a seven-member board, utilizing non-KCUA board members. KCUA purchases new building at 650 S. Westdale Drive, Wichita. Expandachek installs new sorter and upgrades core item processing system to image-based item processing systems.

KCUA pays off ten-year mortgage note seven years early to own their building free and clear. KCUA enters agreement with Nebraska League to provide Expandacheck services for Nebraska credit unions.

Expandachek joins Endpoint Exchange, becoming one of the first item processors in the country to exchange check images in lieu of paper checks.

Expandachek begins branch capture deployment at Kansas credit unions.

Check21 legislation becomes effective; Expandachek begins wide-spread implementation of Check21 services.

The Kansas Legislature passes a bill to change field of membership, branching, and merger requirements for Kansas credit unions.

104 credit unions exist with 594,198 members and $4,297,842,074 in assets. Kansas field of membership statute amended to provide clarification on membership eligibility. Expandachek introduces remote capture for member businesses.

The Topeka office moves to 610 SW 10th Street, Suite 201.

KCUA sells Wichita building at 650 S. Westdale Drive and moves headquarters to 2872 N. Ridge Road, Suite 122. A Young Professional's Council networking group is launched.

A Marketing and a Lending Council are launched as the local, primary source for uniting and energizing individuals and credit unions by sharing best practices, education and resources. Later in 2012, Councils were made available to Nebraska credit union through a partnership with the Nebraska Credit Union League.

The Innovation and Implementation Lab was created to generate revolutionary ideas to serve Kansas credit unions and their members. KCUA purchased a building located at 901 SW Topeka Boulevard and moves the Topeka office to that location. An HR/Training Council and a Technology Council are launched.

The Money Possible consumer financial literacy campaign beings. It is the first project out of the Innovation and Implementation Lab.